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  1. Ive undergone this 90 days tranformation and the results was like mind blowing with one of the best transformation specialist. if you want learn the techinique and the art of asthetics fitness the best place is fitness paradise under the guidance of Karthik Sethuraman which is very imporantant.

  2. My height was 6.0 in 2000. I was weighing around 76 kg then, in my 10th std. I was into athletics, martial arts and cricket. My stamina and overall outlook were far better than most of my batch mates. So I was content, beaming with confidence.

    Over the years, the rigors of studies, work, and travel kept me away from any kind of physical activity eventually leading a sedentary lifestyle. I had brief stints of cycling, playing shuttle, and swimming and couldn’t do it for a sustained period of time to have considerable results. I was basking in past glory saying to myself that when people who were timid then could grow taller, muscular and fitter I could do it all hands down.

    Almost 17 years since then and I m 30 now. In all these years I have only grown horizontally and have stopped growing vertically hitting an all-time high of 95 kg (nearing frequency range of FM channels steadily) and I was declared gravitationally challenged (obese). BMI charts said I am 15 kg overweight. Though height covered it up to an extent, reality started hitting hard on me when I got frequently mocked at retail outlets in choosing pants and people found it funny when I said I was an athlete. The gluttony I had developed when I could sweat it out was hard to give up and I was almost resigned to fate and that is when I came across Fitness Paradise.

    I went there with the idea of subscribing for yoga or a yearly regular gym membership. The first thing that struck me when I walked in was their ambiance and they schedule workouts in such a way at any given point in time, space is not crowded. You don’t have to wait for the treadmill or weights.

    When I explained all this and told that I needed quick results since I am seeking alliances and expect to get married this year, the coach suggested me the 90-day transformation program and asked me to meet the specialist Mr. Karthik Sethuraman.

    I was apprehensive about my coping up with the intense training out of a long hibernation and I have had a major surgery on my right shoulder and a niggling on the right heal. But blown away by the conviction with which Mr. Karthik explained what could the transformation do for me I was convinced it was worth all the pain. First 2 weeks I struggled. I was mixing things with all that I have learned and he was quick to bring it to my notice.

    From the 3rd week on he had built that trust in me to an extent that I was mentally prepared to follow his command blindly and let go of all the preconceptions. I was asked to switch to a complete keto diet (egg, chicken, mutton, and fish).

    In just over a months’ time here I am back in the 80’s after eons (from 95 kg I have come down to 88 losing 7 kilos). The conscience about the BMI is gone once I understood BVI is more important and I have decided to go for the kill- sporting a pack (all within the 90 days at 3 sessions a week). I have not started taking supplements yet.

    The results are already visible. I’m happy to regain my desire to dress well and be presentable and I don’t shy away from mirrors anymore. More than anything else I have earned the trust of my family that I still have it in me and did I say I am getting hitched soon.

  3. The first week of March began like any other month with all the regular suspects of my month starting me in my face. It was during one of these errands that I was running during a hot, humid summer day is when I realized that I wasn’t being as active as I used to be. I seemed to lack the stamina and energy to carry on with my day. I first dismissed it as heat but slowly realized that it was because of my lifestyle and fitness levels.
    It was then that I decided to change it and looked for a that would help me not just attain my ideal body weight but transform myself in the process.

    After many searches, I joined Fitness Paradise in March (first week) with the intention to get fit and improve my life style. I decided to take this up after my interaction with the coach and with Karthik Sethuraman who specialize in a body transformation programme customized to address specific needs. I was intrigued with the programme they offered. I took up the challenge for a 90 day programme which included a personalized diet plan, a personal trainer ( Karthik himself).

    My first week at the gym was the hardest. Though the gym is equipped with State of the art equipment, my body was getting used to the workout it received. I started off with cross fit, an intense strength and stamina building exercise. Like many others I was about to give up on myself many times but was coached and encouraged amply by Karthik to keep going and focus on my goals. I went on for 3 weeks basis this guidance and have happily lost 6kgs (March 4th week) and put on lean muscle in it’s place.

    I would like to thank Karthik who helped me focus and encouraged me to reach one of the healthiest phases of my life. I would encourage people to try cross fit as it does produce results, if that is what you are looking for!

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