Program duration: 30 / 60 days

Overview: combination of personal and group training sessions including plyometrics, metabolic conditioning, yoga, zumba / aerobics. This program is for those who want to explore various fitness programs with proper guidance and get into shape simultaneously.

summer shape up

Summer shape up:

Explore various fitness programs this summer from ancient yoga to modern METCON (metabolic conditioning training) and get fit within 60 days. 24 sessions, 24 workouts, 24 hours to shape you up this summer


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  1. Hi! My name is Varun Ravikumar and I am a resident of MRC Nagar. I am looking for a two-month summer fitness “boot-camp” starting this July (for July and August) and wanted to inquire if Fitness Paradise offers any such classes? If yes, can you please share the pricing, schedule, and camp details? Thanks and I look forward to your feedback!

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