Summer shape up

summer shape up
20 Mar

Program duration: 30 / 60 days

Overview: combination of personal and group training sessions including plyometrics, metabolic conditioning, yoga, zumba / aerobics. This program is for those who want to explore various fitness programs with proper guidance and get into shape simultaneously.

Summer shape up:

Explore various fitness programs this summer from ancient yoga to modern METCON (metabolic conditioning training) and get fit within 60 days. 24 sessions, 24 workouts, 24 hours to shape you up this summer

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  1. “Since August 2018, I’ve been working out with a trainer at fitness paradice and have truly enjoyed the experience. Even though I’m only a few pounds away from my weight and body fat percentage goals, my body is in the best shape it’s ever been. Being accountable to my appointments with my trainer is key for me. I’ve always been a self-starter, but sticking with something long-term is not one of my strong points because I get bored easily. My trainer has structured the workouts so that no two sessions have been the same the entire time, and that has kept my interest level high! I feel that the GO team truly understands how muscle groups work together and how to get the most out of your workout in the shortest amount of time.”

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