Goal oriented training

goal oriented training
20 Mar

Sessions: 12 / 24

Overview: 12 – 24 personal training sessions, diet chart & supplement suggestions. The goal oriented training program is for celebrities, models, athletes, bodybuilders & professionals who need to maintain or improvise their physique in order to sustain or reach higher level in their profession.

Goal oriented training:

The personal training sessions in goal oriented training will help you understand the biomechanics and kinetics before initiating the exercises necessary to reach your goal. Prevention of injuries and gradual progress in muscle & strength building while losing fat is the main purpose of the goal oriented training. The workouts & diet are customized based on the individual needs. The goal oriented training sessions are suitable for those who need a guidance for guaranteed success in their career which requires the best physical appearance extensively.

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  1. Am diabetic and have a huge wait line off late. Needed to get fit. Also am working in the night shift and forced to eat during late nights.

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